Arte Italiana del Pastello - Piemonte


I would like to inform you about this project of mine, that is the pur pose of gathering together the pastellists in an Internet site.
This idea was born from the consideration that many of us lack a real opportunity of having the proper prominence. Instead now every artist can have the chance of presenting his/her artistic curriculum and showing his/her works of art in a standing gallery “on line”, easily reachable and widely popular, as well as communicating the exhibitions’ dates and news on artistic activities.
This “everybody’s site” fosters the knowledge and the spreading of the Pastel as pictorial art, as well as the cooperation among the pastellists themselves.
The site is inserted in an important tourist and cultural site, that is, (visited by about 350-450 people a day) and it can be easily found in the most important international search engines, like Google, Altavista, Yahoo, and so on.
The pastellists are offered a personal “area” where they can show their works of art to a large public.

Per informazioni ed adesioni telefonare a cell. 392.7891605

Orazio Bellossi      
  “Arte Italiana del Pastello – Piemonte"